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Behind every well-oiled machine, there are the people

The beating heart that keeps the machine going.

One of those people is Dr. Yulia Gerchikov BAZAN Group Oil Refineries Ltd’s chief chemist.

Yulia joined Bazan 6 years ago, and started at the position of a research and development chemist. It’s a good thing that we believe in investing in people and not just in green future enterprises.

After showing stellar performance at her job, with the same professionalism that is so characteristic to Yulia, she was promoted to laboratory manager, and from there, her path to chief chemist was pretty smooth.

Yulia now runs not one, but all three of Bazan’s lab: testing, development, and quality assurance labs. This entire complex is all under Yulia’s hands.

And we couldn’t have placed our trust in someone more worthy!

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