BNNOVATION – The Clean Energy Innovation and Ventures Platform by Bazan Group


Highlights of 2022

2022 was a challenging year for many companies, but Bazan’s innovation program, Bnnovation, had a very fruitful year. Despite the unstable global and Israeli markets, Bazan continued to invest in and collaborate with advanced technology companies in the Israeli ecosystem, and the results were impressive.

Bazan reinforced its commitment to developing solutions that take environmental concerns into account, with clean energy as their compass. Many companies had the opportunity to conduct pilot projects and proof-of-concept practices, resulting in improved products, technologies, and businesses.

Here are some of the 2022 highlights of investment and collaborations:

FEELIT – Developer of innovative sensors for maintenance of installations including pipes, faucets, and steam traps that provide data regarding the flow rate, volume, and material flow. Bazan conducted pilots with Feelit in five of its facilities.

AUGURY – Preventative maintenance using vibration sensors.

SEEBO – Creating productive optimization through artificial intelligence.

ENWIZE – A 3D simulation application that supports increased intelligence retention and operational savings in cost.

GREAZLY – An automatic greasing system with integrated alert and control capabilities to prevent facilities from shutting down due to lubrication or greasing issues.

PERCEPTO – Offers preventative maintenance, autonomous drone-based data collection, and image analysis.

AQUARIUS SPECTRUM – Offers innovative acoustic technology to detect leaks in long pipelines by monitoring the entire length of the pipeline.

In addition, Bazan joined forces with Quantum Hub, a global platform for promoting and collaborating with industrial companies and startups.

“We are proud of our continued success with innovation programs, and we look forward to witnessing continued growth among our startup companies in 2023,” said the team at Bnnovation. They wish all ecosystem members a successful, prosperous, and healthy year ahead.

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