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International Women’s Day

“In celebration of International Women’s Day, BAZAN Group Oil Refineries Ltd would like to recognise the exceptional work and accomplishments of Dr. Yulia Gerchikov, the Chief Chemist and Director of Laboratories at the company.

Dr. Gerchikov leads a team of 50 professionals, engineers, and scientists, and has been instrumental in spearheading sustainable energy initiatives while ensuring the highest standards of quality. Among her initiatives are innovative projects such as using by-product polymers for water purification, collaborating with the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology to produce electrodes for hydrogen fuel cells, and establishing a groundbreaking hydrogen laboratory to support startups in all hydrogen purification issues.

Her direct manager, Yariv Gratz, VP, and Refinery Business Unit Manager, expressed his admiration and appreciation for Dr. Gerchikov’s incredible skills, work ethic, and passion for innovation, which have been instrumental in driving the company’s success. He commends her as an inspiration to us all and a great example for women leaders in the industry.

Yulia’s dedication and leadership inspire us all, and we are proud to have her as a part of our team. On this International Women’s Day, let us also recognize the importance of promoting gender equality and inclusion in all areas.

We congratulate and thank Dr. Gerchikov for her outstanding work, and for being a role model for women in energy and leadership. Yulia, keep inspiring us all to be our best selves!”

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