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Hydrogen: The Power of the Future
In our last post, we introduced the most abundant element in the universe – hydrogen. Now, let’s dive into the power of hydrogen and its potential to revolutionize our energy systems. Hydrogen is not just a fuel, but also an energy storage solution. It offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuels. When used in […]
Hydrogen: The Most Abundant Element in the Universe
Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, making up about 90% of all atoms and 75% of all mass. Despite its abundance, it is rare to find Hydrogen as a pure element in Earth’s atmosphere due to its lightweight, which causes it to escape gravity. However, it is the third most common element […]
International Women’s Day
“In celebration of International Women’s Day, BAZAN Group Oil Refineries Ltd would like to recognise the exceptional work and accomplishments of Dr. Yulia Gerchikov, the Chief Chemist and Director of Laboratories at the company. Dr. Gerchikov leads a team of 50 professionals, engineers, and scientists, and has been instrumental in spearheading sustainable energy initiatives while […]
Shared vision for advancing sustainability between Continental and Bazan Group
Continental AG, a mobility giant, and BAZAN Group Oil Refineries Ltd. are teaming up to push the boundaries of sustainability and pave the way for a brighter future. During their recent visit to Israel, Continental’s Global Heads of Innovation met with BAZAN Group representatives to discuss their shared vision for advancing sustainability in various areas. […]
Bazan Group Oil Refineries’ innovative innovation process is proving itself
Bazan Group Oil Refineries’ innovative innovation process is garnering attention on International Innovation Day. The company’s unique approach to corporate innovation is proving to be a game-changer. At Bazan, innovation is not restricted to a dedicated team of experts. Instead, the company boasts forty top-notch experts who serve as Innovation Officers, alongside their regular duties. […]
Portfolio success story: Greazly
Grease may seem like an unlikely candidate for high-tech innovation, but for Amir S. and Aviv Keinan, it presented an opportunity to revolutionize machine greasing and reduce costs for manufacturers. The result? Greazly – a real-time machine monitoring solution that ensures proper greasing and prevents unplanned downtime. Unplanned downtime can cost manufacturers millions of dollars […]
Highlights of 2022
2022 was a challenging year for many companies, but Bazan’s innovation program, Bnnovation, had a very fruitful year. Despite the unstable global and Israeli markets, Bazan continued to invest in and collaborate with advanced technology companies in the Israeli ecosystem, and the results were impressive. Bazan reinforced its commitment to developing solutions that take environmental […]
Bnnovation Attends Bazan-Feelit-Henkel Technology and Innovation Day
Bnnovation, the innovation arm of Bazan Group Oil Refineries Ltd, recently attended the Bazan-Feelit-Henkel Technology and Innovation Day in Düsseldorf, Germany. The delegation was led by Dr. Gili Bittan-Banin, Head of Innovation at Bazan Group, and Adi Segal, Head of Maintenance and Service Department at Bazan Group, accompanied by Dr. Meital Segev-Bar, CTO of Feelit […]
Bazan Invests in Feelit Technologies for Sustainable and Efficient Manufacturing
  Bazan Group Oil Refineries Ltd, one of Israel’s leading refining and petrochemical companies, has recently announced its strategic investment in Feelit Technologies, an Industry 4.0 company specializing in predictive maintenance. This investment is a part of Bazan’s commitment to supporting sustainable and efficient manufacturing practices. Predictive maintenance is a critical component of sustainable manufacturing. […]
We had the honor of hosting admirable guests.
We had the honor of hosting admirable guests. Our team was glad to have met with the Bar-Ilan Energy Center’s research team of the Bar Ilan University. During this meeting, the two teams explored ways to promote closer academic-industry collaboration. The researchers presented a range of interesting projects where possible collaborations might be found. We […]
Israel pledged to reduce carbon emissions by 85% before the year 2050.
Just in time for the United Nations Climate Conference in Glasgow this October, Israel pledged to reduce carbon emissions by 85% before the year 2050. Israel aims to join the growing number of nations targeting carbon-neutral in the wake of the looming climate crisis. This goal may seem out of reach to many people, but […]
Last chance to Register…
Don’t miss this opportunity to make a real impact! Join the CO2MORROW Challenge now! You will develop solutions alongside key industry figures and be part of shaping the future. Bazan is looking for innovative ways to turn CO2 into raw materials, energy, or products. You’ll bring your brilliant idea and we’ll give you the tools […]
Bazan & Sonol to cut air pollution with hydrogen-based refueling stations
Just in time for Earth Day, Bazan Group and Sonol have signed an MOU to establish a JV to build eco-friendly hydrogen-based refueling stations and pumps for heavy transportation (trucks and buses) and later for private vehicles. With Earth Day events starting today (April 22) and continuing through the week, this news demonstrates both companies’ […]
We are ESIL – Environmental Sustainability Innovation Lab!
EDF Renouvelables, BAZAN Group Oil Refineries Ltd, and Johnson Matthey have joined forces to create an Environmental and Sustainability Innovation Lab, the ESIL Lab. We help environmental startups boost their innovations into a business, providing the next generation of solutions to help solve environmental challenges and turning startups into success stories.
Congratulations H2Pro for a great achievement!
We’re happy to share that H2Pro, a portfolio company of Bnnovation, has closed a major investment round of 75 million dollars, led by the Singaporean fund Temasek Holdings and Horizon Ventures. After successfully raising funds from Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Fund, H2Pro now marks another impressive milestone. We’re proud to have taken part in such […]

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