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Portfolio success story: Greazly

Grease may seem like an unlikely candidate for high-tech innovation, but for Amir S. and Aviv Keinan, it presented an opportunity to revolutionize machine greasing and reduce costs for manufacturers. The result? Greazly – a real-time machine monitoring solution that ensures proper greasing and prevents unplanned downtime.

Unplanned downtime can cost manufacturers millions of dollars each year. But with Greazly, these costs can be reduced by half. The system provides accurate and reliable data, which helps technical teams to respond quickly to any issues that arise. Notifications are promptly sent via the system dashboard, email, or SMS, classified as “High” or “Medium” priority, to ensure that technical teams only receive accurate information on time, cutting unnecessary costs.

Greazly not only helps manufacturers’ bottom line, but it also plays a significant role in driving Industry 4.0 forward. By reducing waste and making a positive impact on the environment, the innovative solution is gaining recognition from industry players such as Bnnovation – Bazan Innovation. The company is excited about the impact Greazly can make and is currently collaborating with the startup on a proof of concept (POC).

During the POC, Greazly’s monitoring equipment was installed at one of Bazan’s sites, and the results were impressive. Technical teams received accurate information on time, cutting unnecessary costs and reducing unplanned downtime. With Greazly, manufacturers can be confident in their machine’s optimal performance, thanks to its real-time monitoring, which ensures proper greasing.

Greazly is an excellent example of how technology can revolutionize industries and improve operations, reducing waste and environmental impact while driving Industry 4.0 forward. The success of this startup highlights the importance of investing in innovative solutions that solve complex problems while delivering real value to businesses.

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