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Shared vision for advancing sustainability between Continental and Bazan Group

Continental AG, a mobility giant, and BAZAN Group Oil Refineries Ltd. are teaming up to push the boundaries of sustainability and pave the way for a brighter future. During their recent visit to Israel, Continental’s Global Heads of Innovation met with BAZAN Group representatives to discuss their shared vision for advancing sustainability in various areas.

Both corporations have a particular interest in Industry 4.0, predictive maintenance, energy efficiency, and hydrogen as they seek to create a more sustainable future. The two companies have previously collaborated after investing in Feelit Technologies, which provides sensing solutions for manufacturing facilities.

During the meeting, the passion and enthusiasm of everyone involved were evident, and they explored potential avenues for working together. They discussed possible collaborative projects that could benefit the environment and society as a whole.

BAZAN Group is excited about this collaboration with Continental and looks forward to the results. As corporations with similar goals and values, their collaboration is expected to yield positive outcomes that can make a real difference in creating a more sustainable future.

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